Reasons I joined the blog revolution:

  1. I’ve always been a joiner.  Never been a leader.  More of a follower.  But I only follow cool.
  2. I like to write, but I’ve run out of paper.
  3. I love the idea of being “found” online by people googling absurd things…let’s try “ass-monkeys”  (sorry if I subsequently disappoint you searchers of  all things ass-monkey related)
  4. I need an outlet that doesn’t involve me screaming or sweating.  (spousal abuse and WiiFit just aren’t cutting it.)
  5. I enjoy reading other blogs.  They make me laugh, wonder, question, ponder and sometimes, envy.  I’d like to add my voice to the mix, and perhaps I’ll find my voice while I’m at it.

I started reading weblogs a couple of years ago and have been amazed at how they have evolved into this entire category of media that is revolutionizing how we communicate.  Blogging has changed the notion of what a writer is and more importantly, what a good writer is.  It is so much more than how well you can string words together in grammatically correct sentences.  In the “blogosphere” (a word I detest btw) you can obtain an instant audience and a vast reader base (not that I intend to have one) simply by saying something others can relate to.   I like the idea of connecting with other people this way.  No need to pander to a publisher before you get read by someone other than your mom.  I’m excited to jump aboard this fast-moving train.  I don’t expect to have this be anything more than a glorified journal of sorts, but if any voyeurs out there want to jump in and make me a part of this incredible community of online diarists, then so much the better!  After having read blogs for so long, I’ve determined that it is simply a vainglorious version of a Dear Diary, with the writer not only inviting, but encouraging the violation of privacy.  I thought “well hell, I can do that too”.  I’m used to embarrassment.  I’ve got two kids for cryin out loud.  Besides, there was nothing more mortifying than my little brother telling my first crush that I was penning sonnets about him in my Hello Kitty Diary.  This is just a grown-up version of that moment.  And I like to think I’ve learned a bit more about dealing with humiliation since then. 

So  here it goes.