A summary of my current events:

  • We are trying to sell our house.  This alone has provided us with enough drama to have been worthy of winning an Oscar.
  • The house is on the market so we can a) move to New Jersey (yes, we know) where my darling husband currently works b) get out of the ginormous mound of debt that is crushing us and c) get a fresh start and a fresh outlook for our lives which have of late been defined by:
  • A chronically low bank account.
  • We are also trying to sell a diner.  THE diner.  OUR diner.  The diner that was purchased almost 5 years ago as an investment in our future.  The diner that never became more than a curious, tarp-covered gatherer of dust in an uptown parking lot.  Well, that and a massive drain on our finances and sanity.  The diner is truly the center of all that has happened to my family these past hellatious 5 years.  It will likely become a recurring theme of this blog, as it is an issue that I am always dealing with in some way, shape or form.  It is a tale of woe; a cautionary tale of the risks inherent in starting your own business.  It is a risk we willingly took on, but now it has become the story of what happens when the outcome is the one you didn’t want.  It is an ugly story because it goes beyond a failed investment.  It has become a story of broken hearts and a nearly broken family as a result. 
  • On the upside, we are moving on.  It’s a struggle, but we’ll get there.  My two beautiful daughters, Emma who’s 10, and  Sophia, 5, give us all the motivation we need to keep it together.

So join me, won’t you, as I work through all this stuff.   I don’t intend to be all gloom and doom all the time, but I appreciate anyone who is willing to hang out with me while I am.

keepin me real

My girls–keepin’ me real.