Another idyllic afternoon on the cul-de-sac…lovely weather (anything below 90 and sunny is lovely these days), the girls are happily playing with the neighbor’s twins, I’m chatting with their parents.  Being that the twins are of the busy toddler variety, there are 3 adults and 2 older children alternately conversing, playing and chasing/searching for them.  The twins are also of the  “so-cute-you-could-eat-them-up” variety, so I get a real kick out them hanging out in my driveway looking for trouble.  Their smiles can almost make me forget that my 5 year old is actually helping one of them toward certain blunt head trauma as she swiftly pushes her down the driveway on the tricycle.  The kids are blissfully unaware of any potential danger however.  They are giggling with glee as they experiment with the variety of wheeled toys we have in the garage.  They don’t mind the big kid helping them climb on and off, and on and off (and on and off) the plasma car.  They wordlessly ask us to play catch, and engage my girls with nothing more than a giant, runny-nose riddled grin.  I happily bent down time and again to pick up the ball, just to keep the cuties smiling.  Every toddle, every near misstep and stumble, I would sprout another grey hair as I bent over to throw out the “mommy hands”–you know, the ones they give out at the hospital the moment you give birth.  They are similar to the “mommy arm”, which as you know, when thrown outstretched in a vehicle that has come to a sudden, unexpected stop, has the power to do what no seat belt can do alone.   And even though the twins real mommy was there doing it too, it’s just in every mommy’s DNA.

It’s amazing how much time mommies spend crouching down, I realized.  My creaky, pained knees are now telling the story of every dropped toy, every runny nose wipe, every mommy save when someone stumbled.  Soon it was time for everyone to go inside however.  Time to scoop up our respective kiddoes and head off to bedtime.  But not before I had to bend down one more time to help my daughter pick up her toys…

“Hey mom, I can totally see your butt crack.”