I like my burgers moist and juicy anyway.

I like my burgers moist and juicy anyway.

I figured out how to survive the cookout.  Outsource the cooking.  That and Coronas.  Mas Cervesas, por favor. 

Actually, the Fourth of July weekend was delightful.  My guests arrived on time, bringing along a huge thunderstorm that became a steady rain lasting the entirety of the party.  Fortunately, that was the worst part of the weekend, and it wasn’t that bad.  I was disappointed that we couldn’t hang out outside, especially since my kitchen isn’t exactly guest-friendly in size.  However, a bit of rain couldn’t dampen our patriotic spirit.    Plus, having a surrogate spouse to light the grill and flip the burgers for me made everything a-ok.  God bless the USA and my good friend Matt G.  Without him, my party menu would have consisted of baked beans and potato salad.  And lots of beer. 

We had a great time all in all.  The kids played nicely.  The grownups enjoyed good food and pleasant conversation.  The rain became an afterthought.  In fact, it saved me from having to use the hose for the planned Slip N’ Slide portion of the evening (for the kids, not the grownups!) 

Now the fireworks–that’s another story.  We drove to a nonexistent fireworks display.  We assumed it had been cancelled because of the rain.  No biggie (well, except to Sophia who wept tears of great dispair).  Come to find out the fireworks had always been planned for the FIFTH, not the Fourth.  Well duh, this being the ass-backwards South after all.  But at least we hadn’t missed them.  So we had a caravan to the fireworks do-over on the Fifth of July.  They were well worth the wait.

Good times my friends.  Good times.   Gotta love a country that celebrates its freedom with grilled meat and giant explosions.  Thank God I’m American.

Hope everyone had a fabulous Fourth.