I have much catching up to do, much catching of breath, (and much laundry to tackle).  It’s been a busy few weeks, punctuated by a glorious, much-needed vacation with Matt and the kids.  I have several post ideas swimming around in my brain and they need sorting out before I can write in earnest. 

I wanted to post something, anything though.  I don’t want this blog to become another casualty of my slacker personality, so I figured I should just say “howdy” before I forget I even have a blog.

So until I can organize my thoughts more coherently, here are some moments from our vacation that I wanted to share.  I am trying vainly to hold on to these moments, as they are bits of bliss that keep me focused on what really matters right now.  As a family, we have been under enormous amounts of stress lately, separation being the biggest one.  Last week we got to reunite for a while, at our favorite place, the beach.  It was an amazing week, and although it was over far too quickly, it gave us enough of those moments of pure peace and joy to sustain  me through the next few weeks apart.  For a little slice of time, there was no stress.  No worries, other than whether or not we had put enough sunscreen on the kids.   We were together, and that was all that mattered.

I’ll write more about it later.  Until then, some of those blissful moments:


We miss you Mattie.  See you in a few more weeks.