well, technically it’s been almost two weeks, but that wouldn’t have made for as cute a title. (and Hot Damn! have I ever missed having a computer!  We just got one yesterday.  I’m still coming off the withdrawal effects, so please forgive me any typos or disconnected thoughts.  Still got the shakes.)

So here we are.  We made it.  We reunited with my long lost husband and then hit the road.  It’s so nice to have my family whole once again.  Even if it is in New Jersey.  (just kidding, all you natives.)

Now we are ready to begin The Next Chapter of our lives.  Matt however, prefers to call this “The Bookmark” of our lives, since we are really only between chapters, so to speak.  LBI is more like a luxurious halfway house than a place we are settling down.  We are incredibly fortunate to have a free place to stay for now, but this lovely town is only home until our other home sells. (Although the way things are looking in that department, we may be here for the next decade.)  At that point, we will be looking for a permanant place to settle down, preferably in a town that is at least in the same area code as Matt’s job.  Right now he is commuting 90 minutes each way to work.  Not fun.  Thank God for the free rent though, cause we are probably paying a fair rental price on just the gas money.

So that’s where we stand these days.  We are bookmarked.  What’s been the story for these past couple weeks then?  Well, if we’re sticking to the literary comparison, it might look a bit like this:

Prologue:  The Long, Sad, Goodbyes

That was the worst of it.  It was very hard to pull out of that driveway for the last time.  I can’t write much about it now, but the week leading up to our departure from Kelly Park Circle was very strange for me.  It deserves its own post.

The Introduction:  Island Life

Emphasis on the word “Life”.  We live here now.  This is NOT a vacation.  I just wish my brain could accept that fact.  Now where’s the cabana boy?  I need my Daquiri.

Chapter 1:  How not to worry when a Tropical Storm threatens to turn your island into Atlantis

See above reference to cabana boy.  Pour daquiri and sit on the porch for a front row seat.  Realize that meteorologists are just hogging the airwaves with hyperbole.

Chapter 2:  How to de-stress after the move

  1. Unpack suitcase containing swimwear.
  2. Put on bathing suit.
  3. Put on sunscreen.
  4. Walk across the street. 
  5. Remove shoes and feel the sand between your toes.
  6. Sit ass in beach chair and don’t move unless absolutely necessary (i.e.  you need to cool off in the ocean waves, or go get the cabana boy.)

Repeat as needed until stress dissipates.

Chapter 3:  If dogs could text message 


WTF?!!  M so confused.  Fell asleep in back of Jeep.  Woke up in strange place devoid of grass.  No idea where im supposed to take a shit.


OMG! where m i?? lovin it tho.  my peeps walk me like 4X/day now.  i think they need me to sniff out where the grass is located.  have yet to find it.  no desire to poop on pebbles and sand.  m not a cat.

To be continued…