Here’s something we haven’t seen in a long while:


Note to self:  buy these southern belles some snow boots and waterproof pants.


The first snowball fight of the season.  And in many moons for us former Carolinians.


The quiet stillness, the soft beauty, the sparkle of snowflakes…



the ear-splitting shrieks of an elated 5 year old using her butt as a sled…damons-birthday-snow-059

There’s something quite magnificent about the first snowfall of the year.  The girls’ excitement was contagious.  Sophia probably doesn’t even have a memory of snow…she hasn’t seen it since she was 3 years old.  So for all intents and purposes, this was her first snow as well.  She didn’t care that her heinie was soaked through.  She refused to keep her mittens on, but didn’t mind that her fingers were numb (she was mad that her mittens made it difficult to form snowballs because the snow was sticking to them).  Emma slipped a few times but that didn’t stop her from running sprints just to feel the snow flying in her face.  Something as simple as snow.  No need to plug something in, download, turn on, stare at mindlessly.  No assembly required.  A free gift from Mother Nature that makes my girls happier than any Disney Channel beau hunk.  Chalk one up on the pro-side checklist for reasons I love being back here.

(I’ll get back to you after the first shoveling and de-icing.)