I’m on a roll…one half-assed post after another, night after night. At least I’m being consistent. I’ll admit, on days like this, I am posting merely to fulfill my Nablopomo “obligation”.  But, I am determined to do at least that much.

Today however, I have too much swimming around my head to form any coherent, focused thoughts worth putting in writing. Between the constant “to-do list” swirling about my mind, with its accompanying pulsing, red light that screams “IMPORTANT! DO THIS ONE DO THIS ONE!” to each of the zillion items, along with my new Holiday chaos “to do list”, plus phone calls from realtors giving us new things to worry about (do we rent our home out or keep it on the market??  What will happen when our 7/1 ARM adjusts next year??  How long will this recession last??) and so on and so on and scooby dooby doooooo

Throw in some frigid arctic air blowing about LBI (dear lord, was my blood ever thinned by 9 years in the south!) and it’s no wonder I just want to stay in bed all day. I do believe Seasonal Affective Disorder just put me in its stranglehold. Somebody make me an eggnog, spiked. Stat.