Well, I’m happy to report that my to-do list is slowly but surely shrinking in size. (And that was a lot of alliteration.)
Things seem to be under control and I managed to be very productive today in tackling my lists. There are more things crossed out than outstanding, which is a victory in my world. Calls were made, bags were packed, things were basically organized. I even managed to pick up a Christmas gift for Emma while I was out and about.

I hesitate to say I am calm, cool and collected, but I have indeed survived the initial preparation phase of Project Move Our Shit Out of Carolina. I am currently remaining relaxed only because I have finished all of today’s tasks and I blithely refuse to acknowledge what tomorrow is going to bring.

And if terrifying thoughts of a 10 hour car ride to get to the awaiting houseful of furniture and stuff needing to be packed and moved (by us alone!) happen to creep into my consciousness, I have given my husband explicit instructions to knock me out with a quick uppercut followed by an IV drip of xanax goodness.

to be continued….