Well, we made it.  The car ride was pretty painless.  (Save for the occasional “honey.  honey?  HONEY!  Sheesh.  I didn’t think you were going to brake.”  punctuated with “Shut the hell up already!!  Let me do the driving!!!”  Well, that’s the censored version anyhow.)   It’s amazing how different the 10 hour trip is when there aren’t two whiny, bickering children in the backseat, who need to use the bathroom every 35 miles.   I’ll admit to missing my girls terribly though.  I left one girl weepy and sad and the other with an icky cold and resulting asthma flare-up.  sigh.  I’m dreadfully tired.  I’m dreading the packing and the moving and the mess and the stress.  I am simply full of dread.  And thus I must simply go to bed.  I expect to be even more exhausted by this time tomorrow.