Just sneaking in last minute again, out of my warped sense of obligation to a virtual world. If I were only this consistent in real life…

I’m barely standing people. Yes, I am actually standing as I write this, because the only clear surface available to place the laptop happens to be the half-wall at the top of my stairs. I am knee-deep in boxes and bubble wrap, and frankly it bites. We’ve been packing since 10 am, and we’ve done pretty well. But I am fairly certain that I’ve packed at least half of my brain and most of my sanity in one of the boxes and I am fully incapable of forming coherent thoughts right now.

Will post photos tomorrow. For now, my stripped-down-to-the-bare-walls bedroom is calling me. And for those of you with their minds in the gutter, my husband is currently boxing up his closet. That’s about all the action he’ll get this evening.

Good night!