The girls are here!  Renee and Linnie are in da house!  Renee is still the same best girlfriend…we can go years without seeing each other, but when we finally get together again, we don’t skip a beat.  She’s great that way.  She’s never let us lose touch, which is lucky for me because I suck at keeping up with old friends.  And she is one I will always want in my life.  We’ve been best friends for 20 years now–I can’t believe it (I mean, I can believe we’ve been friends forever, but holy crap, am I really that old??!)  The coolest thing though, is this:
Sophia, Emma and Linnea
Sophia, Emma and Linnea

I think we’ve all had those friends in our childhood that we made pinky promises with–the promises about how we would grow up together and get married at the same time, and have kids at the same time and they would be friends too, and how we would always stay best friends.  How many of those pinky promises actually came to fruition though? 

Well, I am so very lucky, because my best friend and I did indeed get to see that come true today.   Just look at those girls!  It’s been so amazing to see how quickly they took to one another.  Just like it had been planned all along.  Only better.

One of these days, perhaps after they leave, I will write the homage to Renee that she deserves–I mean, we do have a long history after all.  But for now, I have some company to take care of and that means getting my butt to bed.
I look forward to more girltime tomorrow.