I stupidly forgot to bring my camera on our outings today (no it’s still broken…I have on old digital that I’ve been using–it does the job at least).  Renee’s camera card doesn’t fit into my SD slot so I can’t upload all the darling photos of our girls until Renee gets back to her house and emails them.  Cause OHMYGAWD the girls have been so amazingly sweet and adorable together!  Renee and I both can’t get over how well Linnie and Sophia are doing together.  They are having such fun and Sophia has been unbelievably nice to Linnie.  The child who once  threw a fit at the mere suggestion that she allow a playmate to touch one of her toys, spent the afternoon looking for ways to share her stuff.    And while she wouldn’t go as far as giving Linnea the stuffed toy she had won from the claw machine at the arcade, she did spend her next 6 quarters trying to win her one of her own.  When she couldn’t do it, she asked Emma’s friend to try.  She wasn’t going to leave the arcade until Linnie had a stuffed animal of her own. (She did eventually win one, courtesy of Emma’s generous friend.  Maybe something in the salty air here breeds selflessness, because I’ve never seen so much of it until moving here.)  I’ve never seen my daughter so accomodating, so even-keeled, so wanting to be flexible,  in the presence of another child.  The only explanation is that we’ve had some sort of invasion of the body snatchers.  I’ll keep her though.   This is fantastic.  Renee and I are truly enjoying each other’s company, but I think even more, we’re loving how much our kids are enjoying each other. 

I’m so glad they’re here.