Well holy crap.  It’s about time I showed up here!  Man, I guess Nablopomo sucked me dry.  Thirty one  straight days of blogging, and I guess I thought I deserved a two-week vacation!  Yes, I’ve missed you Dear Kitty.  But I’ve been busy, and I figured I’d give my captive audience of 4 a break from the boring, mundane posts I was forced to write.  I’m glad I participated in Nablo…at least I proved to myself that I can stick to something even if it’s just writing a paragraph or two every day.  Now though, I’m ready to return to my regularly unscheduled schedule of posting only when I feel like I have something worthy of writing about.  Yes dear kitty, that means back to the bitching.

I use a radio alarm clock.  I hate waking to the shrill screams of a typical alarm, and prefer to instead wake up to music or the gentle banter of my favorite radio personalities.  I also find it amusing when the alarm comes on at a particular point in a song, thus making the lyrics sound like a directive, or some message meant just for me as I open my eyes to a new day.  It’s funny to hear the specific lyrics separately from the rest of the song–and I hit “snooze” pretty quickly– so I get 4, maybe 5 words at most on a given morning.  Today I woke up to this:  “It’s such a pity…”   Rather foreboding no?  I hate  mornings.  I never go to bed early enough to feel fully rested, and getting my butt out of bed is a dreadful task.  Anyone who knows me well can tell you that I am an asshole in the morning until I have digested at least two cups of coffee.  So I guess those lyrics simply fit my mood of “oh crap, I gotta get up.”

Anyway, I’m not sure why I’m telling you that.  If I had the readership of say, Dooce, or Sundry, then I could run a fun experiment where I ask everyone to set a clock radio alarm for the a.m. and then write down those first words you hear when you wake up.   I think it would be neat to read that.  But alas, no Dooce am I.  Whatever.  Maybe I’ll just log those wakeup lyrics myself for a week or so, and post them here anyway, just for shits and giggles.

Didn’t I just say that I would spare you from the mundane?  Apparently I lied.

I do want to write something serious actually.  It will take me a bit longer to organize my thoughts however, so I will have to come back to the laptop later.  I had a really great conversation with a girlfriend today, and together we made a pact to be better to ourselves this year.  Not a New Year’s Resolution per se, but a personal resolution that we want to put into action not because it’s a new year, but a new US.   A promise to cater less to our kids and more to ourselves.  Anyway…more on that later.  I need to figure out a way to write about it that doesn’t make me sound like a selfish, whiny bitch (although I never claim to be otherwise.)

So tell me my dear, tiny readership, what promises have you made to yourself lately?