It’s 12:20 am. I am bleary-eyed and a bit depressed. Husband is away. Kids climbing walls all day. Me with a list of eleventy five thousand things to do so I just do zero. One of those list items is “Attend to your poor, neglected non-blog.” It’s right above “Attend to your poor, neglected children. They need breakfast.”
Well, at least I took care of one of those items…

It’s like entering the swimming pool for the first time after the long, cold spring ends. I need to delicately dip my big toe in first and test the water. I will probably pull it out quickly and then just stare at the pool for countless minutes. I will then perhaps put both feet in, but just for a second on the top step.  It’s cold.  I don’t know if I really want to jump in, if it’s even worth it. But give me some time. Something will remind me how refreshing it is, how good it feels in spite of the initial goosebumps.

And then? Then I will take a running start, and dive right in.