You know it’s been a really long damn time since you blogged when you can’t even remember your login password.  I tried logging in four times before giving up and resetting my password altogether.  Sad.  Just one more thing to reinforce my feelings of inadequacy and LOSER-ish-ness for neglecting my dear Kitty!  Well enough is enough dammit.  If I can’t manage to get my act together enough to at least check in every day or so, then I should just well, I don’t know, stick my fingers in the garbage disposal or something.  (While it’s on, I mean.)  Fortunately however, I don’t have a garbage disposal–and interestingly, this is the first time since I’ve lived here that I’ve felt that is a good thing.  Friggin septic system.  Now I have to scrape my plates in the trash can.  Woe is me.  But hey, at least I won’t accidentally (or on purpose) grind up my fingers in the Insinkerator.  Yay me!

What was I saying now?  Oh yeah.  Write more.  Avoid less.  I’m working on it!

Stay tuned…December may yet be a Nablopomo month for the Daily Nuzz.  I’m sure my two fans can hardly contain themselves.