HI Dear Kitty!

Remember me?  Last time I checked in here, I was the sad and pitiful girl who was lost in a swampsea of emotional bullshit and tragic life circumstances.  She lived here.

And there she shall stay.

I can’t believe it’s been 4 years since I used my keyboard to verbally vomit my life story upon your bedazzled little whiskers.  To say that things have changed, that I have changed, since then, is a huge understatement.  For that reason my dear Kitty, I feel it is time for you to evolve as well.  I’m almost like a real grownup now!  I’ve endured tragedies.  I’ve felt real pain and heartache.  I’ve survived a teenager learning how to drive!  So my beloved pink and frothy sweetheart, I must provide a new look, name and direction for my humble blog.  Where you once fit my life as the perfect image to capture my youthful innocence and rosy outlook, I am sorry to say that I now need something a bit more, well, realistically badass.  Hello Kitty is like the BC to my Wonder Woman AD.  Oh, and BC = Before Crap forced me to grow up.   AD = After Divorce

There it is.  Divorce.  I am divorced.  It happened.  I have a new label to slap on my forehead, right above anxious, hopeful, has ADD, silly, and kickass righteous bitch.

So yeah, that’s how the story of the girl and the boy ended.  My unintentional foreshadowing was actual foreshadowing.  That was long ago though.  Sadness tarnished my precious Hello Kitty diary.  It is inevitable that she must now be put away.  Four long years have passed and I’m happy to say that the girl in those posts is now a woman who has found a better existence. Hello Kitty, you carried me through some shit.  I am sorry to have smeared it on your sparkles.  May you rest in peace.

It is time to begin anew….