I keep cutting it close here…slipping in my posts at the last possible minute.  Story of my life.  I like to live dangerously.

This morning I awoke from yet another bizarre anxiety dream, this one about my A.T.’s overhearing me calling them A.T.’s.  It wasn’t surprising though, as I’d fallen asleep still seething about the whole situation.  Fortunately the anxiety remained with the dream, which is to say, it dissipated as quickly as the dream itself, and as I lay semi-awake in bed, my only anxiety was driven by the sound of my kids bickering in the other room.  New day, same crappy wake-up call.

The day got a bit brighter however, as soon as a more welcome sound filtered through the bedroom door…the sound of my husband’s voice.  It wasn’t what he was saying so much as the fact that he was there to say anything at all, being that this was a Saturday morning.  Before he got this new job, having Matt home on the weekend was as rare as seeing Paris Hilton eating a Denny’s Grand Slam Breakfast.  I smiled as I thought about the day that lay ahead.  The planets were obviously converging in some sort of galactic confluence (huh?) because an even more unusual event was about to take place.  An event this planet hasn’t seen since, oh, I don’t know, probably 1997.  Matt was going to go shopping with me.

Sadly, if I want to fulfill my Nablopomo promise, I need to hit “Publish” in less than 6 minutes.  I therefore cannot get into the particulars of this earth-shattering event.  Matt and I used to love going shopping together (ssh…don’t tell any of his friends, but he is quite the little mallrat.)  But since I can’t get into the details of our venture to Ocean County Mall, suffice it to say this:

Doing the tandem shopping thing on the Saturday before Christmas was a tad ill-advised.


Got kids?  Are they heading off to school soon (aaaahhh, the blissful quiet house)?  Then surely you have some serious shopping to do pronto!  If you are like me and prefer to shop for things that are a bit off the beaten track–I’d rather not have to write my kids’ name on the outside of their backpack because 15 other kids have the exact same one–then you’ll enjoy the offerings on cool mom picks.  They find  unusual, but still practical things you’ll love and your kids will too.  Why am I shilling for them?  I get nothing except an opportunity to win some cool stuff, but I’ve been a supporter of their site for 2 years now, and they are truly “cool”.  So check it out, won’t you?

(and oh my god, is it really time to go school shopping?!)

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